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Big Chef Little Chef?? 17 / Feb / 2009

Anyone know where Popham is? Actually I could just look at a map, i'm just being lazy. But I want to go there. I know nothing about the place except one thing......there's a Little Chef there. And not just any old Little Chef. If you too have been watching 'Big Chef Takes On Little Chef' on Channel 4,  you'll know it's the first of Heston Blumenthal's Little Chef revolution. New look, new menu and no more tinned pineapple rings on a dry bit of gammon. He owns the world's best restaurant in Bray in Berkshire, the Fat Duck, as voted two years running. Yes, I like so many other people have enjoyed a hearty mixed grill. Stopped off at a Little Chef on the motorway and had a lovely greasy fry up. Not sure i'll now be going for Heston's ox cheeks with mashed potato. The sausages maybe, or the fish and chips. Great to see it's changed though, or will be, because them little roadside restaurants have been looking a bit sorry for themselves over the last few years. They look a little run down and empty.

Now they have one of the world's greatest chefs doing their menu, it's got to be worth a try. I love the fact that on last night's show Heston was complaining that he thought the Little Chef boss may just be using him as a marketing ploy? Oh come on Heston, you know it's a marketing dream for them having you involved. You own a well known three Michelin starred restaurant for gods sake!  Don't be so naive. Look, i'm talking about it, wanting to go and try it, the whole thing's worked for them. Even well known critics were saying they'd rather eat the new Little Chef food than anything off his Fat Duck menu!

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